The Masterpiece

Inspired by Chesterton’s ‘Orthodoxy,’ Tozers’ ‘Knowledge of the Holy’ and some great conversations with a friend, Christine, to whom this poem is dedicated, because her adoration for creator and creation alike have helped stir up the same in me. 

Oh! That you would fashion your art mindfully of me

Making it predictable, with the possibility

For me to enjoy it, and understand it

Through scientific discovery.

You chose colour so vibrant and so stunning to the eye

So much variety, but with traits to categorise

To dwell in a duel joy of being overwhelmed by beauty and at the same

to feel deeply that the wildness is contented to be tame.

I’m not bewildered by creation

And what an act of grace

That although the rivers run rampart

They stay in one place

(At least, their movements are so much slower than mine, that I don’t lose them in the race.)

There is depth plenty in the familiar

That nature does not bore

The seasons keep an ever changing carpet on the floor.

It seems that the closer one looks there’s magic in each pore

and vein and cell of a leaf

And should I grow tired, Oh! the breadth that’s in store

All the countries and oceans

Far off lands to explore.

Yet somehow so contained, 

And not so very out of reach. 

There’s enough similarity between one ocean and its beach

And another to know the same

Artist has let his signature

His great and wonderous name.

Even in roaming there is safety.

Because I don’t roam from his hands.

In a freckle on his palm fits my home and unseen lands.

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