February 2021

February has been a really nice month. The routine I’m developing is balanced and life-giving. Arabic is going well and I’ve been learning an hour in my private, one-on-one lesson once a week. So far I have learned a wacky verb that roughly translates to ‘became’ but seems to morph every time I look at it, and also a possessive type word for time. We’ve moved onto a fascinating topic in our family lessons where we are learning how to compare with adjectives: ‘I am more sleepy than you,’ ‘You’re better than me,’ etc. I love languages more and more every day.

Teaching is also going pretty well. I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed by it, but by restructuring which hours in the week I work, I am enjoying it again. I’m finding some regular students, but still meeting lots of new people. Life is ticking on.

Beginning to help out at the Sudanese refugee project at church regularly has been the biggest new thing from this month. I go at about four o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon and I help set things up, carry things from the office to the church, sometimes I’m brought around to meet people, sometimes I get to sit in on the Sudanese worship service. Then I either help with registration, or I help hand out bags of food and clothes. Then at about half past seven, we pack down again and I go home. It’s definitely a highlight of my week. I was unable to go last week due to some flooding, so I’m especially looking forward to going this coming week.

My brother has finally worn me down and I have begun learning to play chess again. I’m loving it. I’m shocked that I’m enjoying it as much as I do. He and I are also going to learn to play the cajon this month. We did an all-night Star Wars marathon the other night, we’ve been seeing some friends to play board games and I’ve been writing a lot. I’ve begun to work out in the garden while it is still cold enough. Life is incredibly normal and I’m very grateful for that. I usually pine for adventure, but this ordinary-ness is very peaceful right now.

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