September 2021

I have just relocated semi-permanently back to England. Leaving Egypt was a lot harder than I expected it to be, and that’s saying something because I knew it would be hard. I think living away from my mum, sister and brother is what is hitting the hardest.

Dad is with me and we’re spending time in Ireland before going to England. The slow pace has meant I’m feeling all the sadness more than if I was diving into a world of distractions. Cousins, classes, craziness. It’s probably actually good to be processing how sad it feels and catching up on sleep.

The last ten days in Cairo were hectic (in the best way) and I had a good share of late nights (playing cards until 2am is not super conducive to energy levels.) I had a lot of good, sad goodbyes and consumed a substantial amount of chocolate and coffee.

The flights were exhausting, but these days in Ireland have been nice. We went into Dublin and caught a pop up poetry reading, and listened to traditional Irish music in a pub. We’ve also been to a small food/craft market and sat on the harbour at Howth. I’m just having a lot of fun riding buses and trains really.

I’m really looking forward to setting up my flat. The list of things I need to order and make decisions about gets smaller and more manageable every day, and so the process gets more enjoyable. The practice I’ve had making meals here in Ireland has really made me feel more capable to do this whole adult budgeting and cooking thing. I think London will be exciting and it will be nice to study again.

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